Nima Nikakhlagh

Seeing or Not Seeing

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Seeing or Not Seeing, 2013
Featured in the annual Thirty Performances, Thirty Artists, Thirty Days Festival in Tehran, Iran

In the process of completing this project, I worked with visually impaired people for a fifteen-day workshop to train them to work together as performers, familiarizing them with the medium of performance art, meditation (body scan technique), and discussion about the concept and the event`s goal.

Throughout the event, while audience members were coming to the gallery space, they had to pass the first part which I hung three large monochromes of Red, Blue, and Yellow on the wall. Then they could continue to the second part to experience the performance. 

For the performance, we had sixteen stools set in eight right across each other. At the beginning of the event, eight visually impaired performers sat on one set of stools, and I sat on the first stool across from them, leaving the rest empty for the public to join. In this event, audience members had the opportunity to sit in front of each blind performer for any length of time to create a relationship with them through dialogue energy. This performance ran for three hours long.