Nima Nikakhlagh

Untitled (she died for having the wind in her hair), 2022, Artist’s hair on canvas, 40” x  70”

Nima Nikakhlagh is a multidisciplinary artist, native to Iran, who arrived in the United States in 2014. He is currently living and raising his daughter in Western Massachusetts. Nima’s practice concerns itself with socio-political power dynamics, political resistance, and non-violent action approached in a poetic manner. Most of his works are performance-based, and he perceives performance art as not only a form of visual art, but much more, a social-political art form and a social-political art practice. In his words, “the togetherness that performance art establishes is something truly necessary.” Nima’s works have appeared/been performed in Iran, Europe, Canada, and the United States. He has published two literary-performative books: Bodies, Languages, Truths and This Is Not a Book. Nima is a Franklin Furnace FUND for Performance Art recipient and currently, a gallery director and lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.